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It all started seven years ago with a cellphone prepaid dealership. As we met new clients and built relationships with them, we realized that there was a great need for a knowledgeable and experienced cell phone repair service. That idea lead to our becoming who we are today. JTI Wireless is now a leader in the repair industry, and provides above industry standard checks for pre-owned devices.


Here at JTI Wireless is to provide all Android and iPhone users with the ultimate shopping experience, and help them find the best smartphone devices and the coolest cell phone accessories and gadgets. Our professional and reliable team is always at your disposable to solve your tech problems and keep you up to date with the latest mobile trends.


We can help you upgrade your phone to a model you would normally find out of your price range—simply because the products we have are refurbished. Our competitive rates extend to our repair services and prepaid phones as well. Shop around, but you'll never find a deal like ours anywhere else.


We know the ins and outs of every mobile device and tablet we handle. We check it so thoroughly, that we guarantee it will be free of error when you take your refurbished product home. Our experience allows us to repair almost any mobile phone or tablet that comes our way, so that it can get a second chance at life.

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