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Cell Phone Repair: What to Know Before

It's the scenario that haunts every smartphone owner's dreams. You're sending a text, or you're taking your phone out of your pocket, and then bam—gravity does its thing and your phone is on the ground with a screen full of spiderweb cracks. You know you'll need to get your phone repaired, but you've got questions. How much will it cost? Which services do you really need? Should you use a case from now on? (We'll just go ahead and say that yes: you should use a case from now on.)

How much does general cell phone repair cost?

Truthfully, it depends. Lots of different factors have a hand in how much you'll end up having to shell out to get your phone up and running again, such as:

What kind of phone you have. Older (but not too much older) models tend to be cheaper to fix than newer ones.

You'll also see different repair prices for Apple, Android, and Windows phones.

What all you're having fixed. A general cell phone repair—which can include everything from screen and battery replacement to repairs made to buttons—will cost somewhere in the ballpark of $150-$200, but that price can rise if your phone has other/more problems.

What about cracked screen repair?

Ah yes, the almost inevitable cracked phone screen. For as common as cell phone screen repair is your options for where to take it, how much you'll wind up paying, and how long it'll take can vary wildly.

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